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    Solid Sizing Agent for Paper Making

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    Solid Sizing Agent for Paper Making

     Brief Introduction:
           Solid sizing agents have undergone six years of development and reform. :Since entering the market as a popular tile paper sizing product at the beginning of 2010, drawbacks such as damp return, peculiar smell, ring pressure rebound, bad carton bonding, and brittle seriously damaged paper have appeared continuously. After nearly three years of research and exploration, our company has finally solved all the drawbacks mentioned above. Through the tracking and use of three designated customers and information sorting this summer, we finally improved the production process and solved all the above malpractice indicators. A variety of organic water-resistant materials are added to the product. Through special emulsification and dispersion process, the product forms a good and stable silence and high water resistance, replacing the instability of water resistance of the initial inorganic salt.
    Model: YG8218
    Appearance: YG8218 light yellow powder
    Ionic Type: positive ion
    PH Value: 3.5 to 4.0
    Solubility: Easily soluble in water
    Particle Size: 40-80 mesh (25 ") 
    Performance Characteristics:
    1.Significantly improve the ring pressure strength of paper products, shorten the curing time, eliminate curing period, and reduce the cost.
    2.Completely replace the use of external surface sizing agent, with excellent water resistance.
    How to Use:
    1. Dosage: When gelatinizing starch, it replaces about 10~20% of the original starch, and the solid weight is 1/2 to the same amount of starch. The amount of solid glue can be added or subtracted according to different water-resistance index requirements of users.The higher the dosage, the better the water resistance index. It is equivalent to 6 to 10 kg paper consumption.
    2. Use Method: It can be put together with starch, or put it after gelatinizing starch and adding water. When the temperature reaches above 90℃, stir it for 10 min to gelatinize.
    3. When the temperature reaches 70℃ in the gelatinization process, the heating rate must be slowed down. When the temperature reaches 93 to 95℃, the insulation time must be more than 20 minutes to ensure that starch and other materials react fully. 
    1. The depth of starch boiling glue should not exceed 10% (It is recommended to take the post-input mode if it exceeds 10% )
    2. If the amount of starch ton value is less than 30kg, starch cannot be reduced. Add sizing agent directly.
    3. Aluminum sulfate is not necessary when using this product.
    Package and Storage:
          25 kg woven bag package
    Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
    Storage period is 12 months

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